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SUATEAM Network Threat Perception and Decision-Making Platform

SUATEAMNetwork Threat Perception and Decision-Making Platform

        Network Threat Perception and Decision-Making Platform is SUATEAM’s next-generation products for security defense through complete data analysis, which can proactively detect unknown threats, conduct comprehensive security analysis and traceability forensics, and support fast and accurate response capabilities. Platform can implement key functions such as security situation awareness of core asset and business, and also the capacity of security decision-making assistance for customers in government, financial, energy industry, telecommunication operators, large enterprises and others. The platform performs association analysis, machine learning and modeling using total-amount flow, logs and system security data, and also integrate with real-time Threat Intelligence on the cloud, to quickly find and locate the advanced threats and malicious or illegal behaviors, and conduct comprehensive assessment on network security situation and situation visualization for security administrator.

Major Functions:

        ●    Comprehensive data collection and integration: Able to conduct real-time data acquisition and normalization of system logs, application data, security equipment logs and so on; able to collect full package and conduct deep packet analysis for network flows .

        ●    Business-oriented threat awareness: With the collected logs and recovered flow data, establish business-oriented security model and event correlation engine through machine learning and core analysis algorithms, and take the initiative to find external APT or internal abnormal behavior.

        ●    Interactive Threat Analysis and Forensics: Able to conduct comprehensive analysis and traceability of suspicious events with visualization based on the optimized search engine and security analysis model, which can greatly improve the response efficiency of security analysts.

        ●    Extensive Threat Intelligence Integration:  Provide rich threat intelligence, which effectively support advanced threat discovery, security analysis, traceability and security situation awareness.

        ●    Security Situation Visualization: Comprehensive risk assessment and security trends analysis; display the security situation inside and outside the system from different dimensions through data visualization technology, to effectively support the construction of dynamic security system.

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